Anthony Horvath

Anthony Horvath

I met Anthony almost 10 years ago when we were both just beginning to pursue photography professionally. While my work led me to Santa Barbara focused wedding photography, Anthony’s focus has been on portraiture, learning and mastering the implements of retouching while apprenticing with who might be the most accomplished photographic retoucher in the world, Robb Carr. In addition to seeing and rendering incredibly gifted, yet honest, images of of his clients, Robb is also likely one of the most articulate individuals I’ve heard speak, so I’ll let his words complete this introduction to Anthony Horvath:

“Anthony Horvath’s uncompromising approach to portraiture captures the laid-back spontaneity of our 21st-century culture. Artful, yet never allowing the art to upstage the range of his assignment or eclipse the spirit of his subject, Anthony’s work evokes a sense of harmonious personal exuberance.

With an eye for flattering beauty and a knack for connecting with people of all ages, his subjects appear self-possessed, lustrous.”

~ Celebrity Retoucher, Robb Carr